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DWPOSDigital WPOSService code: DWPOS-eu

Contactless payments are not only secure but also easy!

WPOS allows instant billing via the Android app via PC or tablet.

This service works by creating an offer (or invoice) and that when sending by e-mail, you specify to the customer that if he wants to pay by card, he can do so via a virtual POS link.


  • Connecting to the cash register (integration with other applications you use such as CashRegister)
  • Choosing a payment method
  • Easy payment for customers (generate QR code or scan QR code with a scanner generated by the Customer)
  • payment method select (charge for your services once or in installments - depending on the needs of your customers)
  • Integration with mPOS devices
  • Connect with other our applications


How does DWPOS work?

DWPOS can turn any smartphone into a SoftPOS solution within minutes. All you need to do is download the application for free and connect it to cash register (if you use it).

If you want to activate additional options (mPOS), send an inquiry to


  • Price: 1,00 EUR~0,13 EUR
  • Service description
  • Contact information
WSPay - Monri Payments Ltd. -

WSPay - Monri Payments Ltd.

  • Address: Ulica grada Vukovara 269/F, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
  • Tel: +385 51 269 131
  • Mob: +385 91 269 1312
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