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Monri WSPayService code: MonriWSPay

Monri WSPay service enables the authorization and payment of credit and debit cards: MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, VISA and DINERS cards in real time for the eCommerce sales channel, for one-time payment and installments payments.

All payment methods (Aircash, Google Pay, PayPal) are included in the price of the Monri WSPay service package if they are contracted and activated immediately. If the contract of the payment methods is initiated later (for example, a few months after the activation of the Monri WSPay service), they will be invoiced according to the current price list.

The benefits of using Monri WSPay service for eCommerce business

  • PCI DSS compliant
  • PSD2 compliant (3DS 2.1.)
  • Billing in different currencies
  • Billing with additional payment methods
  • Subscription payment
  • Recurring charge
  • Analysis of risk
  • Administrator interface for full control and reporting

Transaction types:

  • CIT transactions
  • CoF transactions
  • MoTo transactions
  • MIT transactions

In order to enable payment by bank cards at the online point of sale, it is necessary to have an contracted payment gateway and an agreed acceptance of bank cards for online payment with one or more card companies.

For EEA countries: Worldline Payment Services

Commercial terms and conditions

The price of using Monri WSPay service is 380,00 EUR per year. Payment is made within 7 days AFTER ACTIVATION of the first production parameters by the card holder company and the license is valid for 12 months from activation. Transaction fees (CIT/MIT/MOTO) are not included in the annual fee.

Above the annual turnover of EUR 80,000, the annual fee is canceled and a variable fee is agreed at the initial price of 0.50% per transaction. The fee per authorized transaction will be defined in the contract with the point of sale, depending on the scope of business.

The extension of the use of the Monri WSPay service is done automatically for the next billing period, and an invoice is issued for the same. If the merchant wants to unsubscribe from further use of Monri WSPay, he can do so exclusively in writing, no later than within 7 days of receipt of the invoice.

Monri WSPay
Monri WSPay 380,00 EUR / annually
Monri WSPay tokenization (CoF/CIT/MIT) 380,00 EUR / annually **
Aircash 50,00 EUR / one-time **
Google Pay 50,00 EUR / one-time **
PayPal 50,00 EUR / annually **
Transaction fee it will be defined in contract with the point of sale, depending on the business scope *
* Transaction fee may vary depending on the conditions agreed with the point of sale.
** Additional options of payment (tokenization) as well as the additional payment methods (Aircash, Google Pay, PayPal) will not be charged, but are included in the price of the Monri WSPay service if they are contracted immediately. If they are subsequently contracted, they will be calculated at the specified prices.
  • Price: 1,00 EUR~0,13 EUR
  • Service description
  • Specific Terms

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