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Monri WSPay online credit and debit cards authorization service in real-time, for the eCommerce sales channel - sales through a web shop or some other online point of sale.

For ACTIVATION, i.e. to put the Monri WSPay service into production mode, it is mandatory to contract the acceptance of cards with one or more cardholders who were selected when sending the Monri WSPay Service Activation Request or agreed upon in subsequent Requests, and with the acceptance of the Monri WSPay Special Terms of Use.

Benefits of using Monri WSPay for e-commerce business

  • Payments with different currencies
  • Payments with additional payment methods
  • Subscription payments
  • PSD2 compliant (3DS 2.1.)
  • Risk analysis
  • Recurring payment (reccuring)
  • PCI DSS compliant
  • Administrator interface for full control


WSPay Standard


Monri WSPay connection methods:

  • WSPayFORM connection method, you can choose it on the Monri WSPay Service Activation Request.
  • WSPayAUTO connection method is allowed only with additional communication with the merchant and delivery of proof of compliance with PCI DSS standards.


Data entry on the Monri WSPay pages, the largest number of users use this option, all card recognition options are built in for the possibility of paying in installments, deferred payment, and other functionalities as well as additional forms of payment that are not by card.

WSPayFORM can be adjusted with the logotype and colors of your pages, and WSPayFORM itself is adjusted to the screen resolutions of computers or mobile devices. This is the recommended deployment method for merchants.

To use the WSPayFORM connection and meet the PCI DSS standards, it is enough to fill out the SAQ-A questionnaire.

WSPay form
WSPay auto


Card and payer data are entered on the point of sale's webpages and communication with Monri WSPay takes place in the background. WSPayAUTO has significantly higher requirements regarding security, more complex implementation or connection, but the customer does not leave your pages.

In addition to the mandatory SSL certificate of 256 bit encryption, it is MANDATORY that you are PCI DSS compliant as a merchant, which you prove by filling out the SAQ-EP questionnaire, but you must also receive confirmation from an authorized QSA.

You can use one of two methods for online card authorization and payment:

Pre-authorization + payment complition/confirmation or direct payment, and the selected method is the one indicated on the Monri WSPay Service Activation Request:

Pre-authorization + payment complition/confirmation - in the first step, pre-authorization is done, and than you have 7 days period to confirm the pre-authorized amount.

Direct payment - authorization and payment complition/confirmation are done in the same step

Transaction cancellations as well as refunds can be performed manually or through the service without additional fees or costs for the merchant by Monri WSPay.

To activate the Monri WSPay service, it is necessary to accept the Monri WSPay General Terms of Use, which together with Monri WSPay Service Activation Request constitute the Monri WSPay Service Agreement.

In addition to accepting the Monri WSPay General Terms of Use for activation, it is necessary to accept, when sending Monri WSPay Service Activation Request, the Monri WSPay Special Terms of Use that define the price of using Monri WSPay and other Special Terms such as payment intervals or special options that are valid at the moment of sending Monri WSPay Service Activation Request.

  • Price: 1,00 EUR~0,13 EUR
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WSPay - Monri Payments Ltd. -

WSPay - Monri Payments Ltd.

  • Address: Ulica grada Vukovara 269/F, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
  • Tel: +385 51 269 131
  • Mob: +385 91 269 1312
  • E-mail:

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