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WSPay tokenizationService code: WSPayTokenization

Cards tokenization means that registered users have the option of saving card data in such a way that they do not enter card data during the next payment, but only choose the option of paying with the saved card - Card on File (COF).

This option is suitable for users who often shop on a certain webshop and improves the user experience.

Tokenization enables the following:

  • Payment by token, i.e., payment with tokenized (saved) cards by the merchant - Merchant Initiated Transactions (MIT) - however, in this case, it is also necessary to arrange additional MIT transactions with the selected cardholder.
  • Recurring payments through tokens, i.e., recurring. In this case as well, additional contracting of MIT transactions with the selected cardholder is required.

It is possible to contract exclusively with WSPayADVANCE.

Transaction type:

  • CIT transactions
  • MIT transactions, depending on the needs of the merchant

Commercial terms and conditions

At the customer's request, the merchant undertakes to permanently remove all tokenization data related to the customer.

WSPay tokenization is activated exclusively with WSPayADVANCE.

  • Price: 1,00 EUR~0,13 EUR
  • Service description
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