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Monri WSPayPer StandardService code: MonriWSPayPerStandard

Monri WSPayPer Standard - the possibility of creating a Payment Call with a single access platform

Creating requests for payment is much more than common PayByLink service. It enables logging in a separate Monri PayPer interface with an option of creating Requests for payments with defined amount, order number, user data and expiration date (after that date it will be deactivated, but stays recorded as inactive).

Requests for payment creates an Agent, authorised by the point of sale.

Monri WSPayPer Standard solution is possible to connect with additional payment methods (Aircash, GooglePay, VALÚ, PayPal).

The benefits of using Monri WSPayPer Standard:

  • PCI DSS compliant
  • PDS2 compliant
  • Possibility of use independently of the webshop (include sales channel on social networks without integrations)
  • possibility to attach documents (offers, invoices, drafts)
  • Simple and safe payment for costumers with just 1 click

Transaction types:

  • CIT transactions
  • possibility of contracting CoF transaction with Monri WSPay tokenization (CoF CIT/MIT)

There is also the possibility of contracting a Personalized PayPer service that includes additional payment and billing options - adapted to tourist, hotel, car rental, insurance and similar activities - and for which an offer is made upon request.

The price of the package includes tokenization (saving cards for future payments).

Commercial terms and conditions

Monri WSPayPer Standard can only be activated with Monri WSPay service.

Payment should be made within 7 days AFTER ACTIVATION of the first production parameters by the card holder company and service is valid for 12 months from activation.

Extension of service is done automatically for the next billing period, and an invoice is issued for the same. If the merchant wants to unsubscribe from the further use of the Monri WSPay service, he can do so only in writing form and no later than 7 days from the day of invoice receipt.

Monri WSPayPer Standard
Monri WSPayPer Standard 50,00 EUR / annually *
Fee per call for payment 0,08 EUR / monthly bill
Fee for activation/deactivation of additional Agent 20,00 EUR / one-time
Fee per authorized transaction will be defined in contract with each point of sale **
Fee per authorized transaction via Worldline Payment Services will be defined in contract with each point of sale **
* Price for Point of sale
** Transaction fee may vary depending on the conditions agreed with the point of sale, and it should be paid on the basis of the submitted monthly calculation.
  • Price: 1,00 EUR~0,13 EUR
  • Service description
  • Specific Terms

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