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WSPayBasic LicenseService code: WSPay

WSPay online authorization and payment, using credit and debit cards in real time, for eCommerce sale channel - web shop sale or another online point of sale.

In order to activate, or set the basic WSPay License in the production mode, it is necessary to close agreement on cards acceptance with one or more card issuing companies selected while filling the WSPay Request form or in later Requests, while accepting Special WSPay Terms and Conditions.

The basic WSPay License offers two connections:

WSPayAuto and WSPayForm – you can select the appropriate connection on WSPay Request form.

WSPayAUTO - card and buyer data are entered on shop's web-pages, while the connection with WSPay is running in the background. WSPayAuto has higher security demands, more complex implementation and connection, but the buyer stays on your web-page.

For this connection, besides having 256-bit SSL encryption, you must be in compliance with PCI DSS which is confirmed by filling in the SAQ-EP questionnaire, and you also need to be certified by QSA.

WSPayForm - data is entered on WSPay web-page, most customers use this connection, all options for card recognition are implemented for the purpose of installment payment, delayed payment, or other functionalities and additional payment methods without cards.

WSPayForm can be adjusted to your business logo and colors, and screen or mobile phone resolution. This is the recommended implementation method for merchants.

For WSPayForm connection, in compliance with PCI DSS, you need to fill in the SAQ questionnaire.

There are two options related to authorization and card payment:

Pre-authorized + checkout or direct checkout, selected on the WSPay Request form:

  1. Pre-authorized + checkout – first step is pre-authorization, within 25 business days you can confirm credit card payment, and for debit card you can confirm pre-authorized amount within 7 days
  2. Direct checkout – authorization and checkout are done simultaneously.

Transaction cancellation and refund are available through WSPay administration without additional fees and costs for the merchant.

In order to activate the basic WSPay License, you need to accept General WSPay Terms and Conditions and Specific WSPay Terms and Conditions available at WSPay Request form.

Specific WSPay Terms and Conditions define the cost of WSPay use, and specific terms such as payment intervals or special offers which are valid at the moment the WSPay Request is sent.

General WSPay Terms and Conditions, WSPay Request and Specific WSPay Terms and Conditions together define the cost of the WSPay use and constitute a WSPay Service License Agreement.

Specific WSPay Terms and Conditions

WSPay License annual cost amounts to 318,00 EUR + VAT, with payment due in 7 days from the card issuing company's activation of the first production parameters, and the License is valid for 12 months after the activation.

Fee for payments using card company SIX payment service is 0,08 EUR + VAT on each transaction, if the agreement on cards acceptance is closed with this company, calculated at the end of the month in accordance with the WSPay report with payment due in 7 days from the invoice date.

The License is automatically renewed for successive period, and the invoice is issued, unless the customer has given a written notice of non-renewal at least 7 days prior to the next scheduled renewal date.

  • Price: 1,00 EUR~0,13 EUR
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