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WSPayPalpayment using WSPay formService code: WSPayPayPal

WSPay enables merchants who are using WSPay Form service to include PayPal Business account into WSPay system. Without additional integration, it enables payment via PayPal account for all customers, and the money is transferred to merchant’s Business PayPal account.

Activation of this service enables automatic activation of PayPal payment on WSPay Form, Transaction List, Authorization/Checkout (depends on shop settings), Cancellation and Refund, and other options available for activated cards.

This service is used only if the merchant has activated WSPay Form service and the PayPal Business account on terms valid for the above-mentioned services.

Only one ShopID can be connected to one PayPal Business account.

The same WSPay Terms and Conditions are applicable for the use of this service.

WSPayPal annual cost amounts to 41,00 EUR + VAT.

For the use of WSPayPal, WSPay - Web Studio d.o.o. issues the invoice after receiving the Request, with payment due in 7 days from the invoice date.

WSPay Service Agreement termination causes automatic WSPayPal service termination.

WSpay-Web Studio is not responsible for the relationship between the merchant and PayPal, with whom the merchant establishes contractual relationship. WSPay has the right to disable this service without specific explanation if the merchant does not meet the conditions required for the use of this service, the merchant does not comply with the General WSPay Terms and Conditions, or their business might cause harm to WSPay-Web Studio or PayPal.

WSPay-Web Studio bears no responsibility for the use of PayPal on behalf of merchants nor customers who pay using PayPal account. In order to use this service, merchants need to send this Request and activate the PayPal Business account according to PayPal Terms and Conditions.

  • Price: 380,00 EUR~50,13 EUR
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