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WSPayDirectfor private rental ownersService code: WSPayAppDirect

Charge for accommodation reservations using credit cards!

This service is offered to private rental owners who have the guest's written premission to charge their credit card for the negotiated amount.

WSPayDirect is an additional service available to private rental owners who already have the WSPayAPP License.

Payment using Maestro cards is not supported.

WSPayAPP Direct implies no card present transactions under the terms defined by the card issuing company and WSPay. By accepting rental owner and cardholder terms, it enables charging credit card for the negotiated amount without the cardholder being present. With the guest's written premission, this service allows to charge for no show fees, and other costs which the guest has accepted under these terms.

The price for WSPayAPP DIRECT is 38,00 EUR and must be paid within 7 days, after the activation of production parameters by the card issuer. The license is valid for 12 months from activation.

A fee of EUR 0.68 per transaction is charged at the end of the month according to a report from WSPay and an invoice is issued with a 7-day payment currency.

  • Price: 238,00 EUR~31,40 EUR
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