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WSPayCaP (CoF)Click and PayService code: WSPayClickPay

WSPayCaP - WSPay Click and Pay allows customers to make online purchases with a single click...

In order to activate WSPayCaP, it is necessary to have the basic WSPay License.

WSPayCaP activation implies that you have accepted General WSPay Terms and Conditions and Specific WSpayCaP Terms and Conditions, moreover, authorization and card payment under these terms have to be approved by the card issuing company.

WSPayCaP enables card tokenization and checkout, without the need for the customer to repeatedly enter card data for subsequent purchases. This service requires cardholder consent upon the first purchase in 3D Secure mode.

This service includes all tokenized card payments and options approved by card issuing companies offered in the basic WSPay License.

Maestro tokenization is not supported.

On customer’s demand, merchant is obliged to permanently delete all tokenization data associated with the customer.

WSPay - Web studio d.o.o. makes an offer with the specified WSPayCaP License cost, merchant accepts, signs and returns the offer as the purchase order, subject to General WSPay Terms and Conditions and WSPayCaP Specific Terms.

For more information, pricing and terms of use fill out the inquiry form.

The License is automatically renewed for successive period, and the invoice is issued, unless the customer has given a written notice of non-renewal at least 7 days prior to the next scheduled renewal date.

  • Price: 2.380,00 EUR~313,98 EUR
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WSPay - Monri Payments Ltd.

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