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WSPayPayPer - Send link and receive payment!Service code: WSPayPayPer

Send link and receive payment!

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In order to activate WSPayPayPer, it is necessary to have the basic WSPay License.

WSPayPayPer allows merchants to send customers a link with the request for payment.

Activated only in addition to the basic WSPay License.

WSPay - Web studio Ltd. makes an offer with the specified WSPayPayPer License cost, merchant accepts, signs and returns the offer as the purchase order, subject to General WSPay Terms and Conditions and WSPayPayPer Specific Terms.

The License is automatically renewed for successive period, and the invoice is issued, unless the customer has given a written notice of non-renewal at least 7 days prior to the next scheduled renewal date.

WSPay - Web Studio Ltd. -

WSPay - Web Studio Ltd.

  • Address: Ćićarijska 10, 51000 Rijeka - Croatia
  • Tel: +385 51 269 131
  • Tel: +385 51 329 104
  • Fax: +385 51 329 105
  • E-mail: wspay@wspay.eu

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