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WSPayAPPprivate rental ownersService code: WSPayAPP

WSPayAPP for private rental owners enables rental owners to charge for accommodation reservations using credit and debit cards in real time...

WSPayAPP enables rental owners to charge for accommodation reservations or to charge for reservation payment in advance, according to reservation and refund terms, using credit and debit cards in real time – online.

This service is made for the purpose of offering deposit payment, or payment in advance (for either portion or the total deposit amount) to the guest who pays using the given link – VIRTUAL POS, while accepting reservation and reservation cancellation terms, and credit or debit card payment terms.

Besides accommodation reservation payment, WSPayAPP is used for payment for other services offered by rental owners, using the invoice and the link where guests can pay.

This service is not used to check the validity of the card, or guest not showing up.

WSPayAPP for private rental owners - online card authorization in real time can be easily activated following few steps.

In order to activate this service, you need to fulfill the following prerequisites – you need to be a private rental owner, have the Certificate of Categorization, descriptions of accommodation units, pictures, defined reservation and reservation cancellation terms.

Click here to fill in the WSPayAPP Request form.

The WSPayAPP Request form, Specific WSPayAPP Terms and Conditions (available at the Request form) and General Terms and Conditions constitute a WSPayAPP Service License Agreement for private rental owners.

Send two completed, signed and stamped Request forms to the following address: Web Studio d.o.o., Ćićarijska 10, 51000 RIJEKA. If you want a sooner activation you can send a fax to 051/ 329-105.

Together with the Request, you need to send the following documentation (for the purpose of faster activation on behalf of card issuing company):

  • Fax or Scan or image - The Certificate of Rental Registration - The Certificate of Categorization
  • Fax or Scan or image – Rental owner's Giro Account Agreement in Kuna – account's IBAN
  • Fax or Scan or image – Identity Card
  • KYC Application Form – completed and stamped on behalf of rental owner (potential PBZ Card contractual party)

After receiving your Request, we will activate your point of sale on server and, and send you data needed to access your user's accounts.

On receiving the above-mentioned documentation, we will forward it to the card issuing company that will send you Card Acceptance Agreement. You need to sign the original Card Acceptance Agreement on defined terms, and send it back to the card issuing company.

On receiving singed Agreement, card issuing company works on activation and sends us production parameters to enable your online payment.

This service is available only to private rental owners who have obtained the Certificate of Rental Registration.

WSPayAPP License annual cost amounts to 38,00 EUR + VAT, with payment due in 7 days from the card issuing company's activation of the first production parameters, and the License is valid for 12 months after the activation.

Transaction fee is 0,68 EUR, calculated at the end of the month according to the WSPay report, with payment due in 7 days from the invoice date.

Fee for payments using card company SIX payment service is 0,08 EUR + VAT on each transaction, if the agreement on cards acceptance is closed with this company, calculated at the end of the month in accordance with the WSPay report with payment due in 7 days from the invoice date.

The License is automatically renewed for successive period, and the invoice is issued, unless the customer has given a written notice of non-renewal at least 7 days prior to the next scheduled renewal date.

  • Price: 238,00 EUR~31,40 EUR
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WSPay - Web Studio Ltd. -

WSPay - Web Studio Ltd.

  • Address: Ćićarijska 10, 51000 Rijeka - Croatia
  • Tel: +385 51 269 131
  • Tel: +385 51 329 104
  • Fax: +385 51 329 105
  • E-mail:

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