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WSPay - secure online credit card authorization in real time

WSPay - from Internet Payment Gateway to modern Payment Service Provider and leading company in innovation and creating new ways of online payments.

WSPay was established in 2004 as a company with a vision to enable real time sale and payment for goods and services.

The company started as IPG (Internet Payment Gateway) that enabled connecting to two card issuing companies and credit card payment.

As a leading company in innovation and the creator of new ways of online payments since 2004, WSPay has become PSP (Payment Service Provider) enabling connection of different selling channels with one or more card issuing companies, using miscellaneous payment methods.

WSPay functioning as PSP enables connection of point of sale online shop with one or more card issuing companies, payment by variety of card brands - AMEX, DINERS, JCB, DISCOVER, Mastercard, Visa, and Maestro credit cards, but also using PayPal, Sofort, Giropay and other payment methods.

Being a leading company in innovations related to the online payment, we’ve created additional modules adjusted to needs of web-shops and miscellaneous businesses, such as online booking, flight tickets sale, entrance-tickets sale, accommodation booking, and also installation services, repair and maintenance shops, pay per, food and beverage sale and payment.

The basic WSPay License provides the point of sale with the card payment using eCommerce channel intended to all who need to charge the cost of goods or services sold in real time, without the cardholder being present within the point of sale.

In addition to the basic WSPay License, we offer new payment channels and a variety of payment methods using our products - WSPayCaP, WSPayWPOS, WSPayPayPer, WSPayAPP, WSPayPayPal.

Card acquirers working in other markets, with a license for the business activity in the Croatian market, have recognized us as a secure business partner. They provided Croatian merchants with the possibility to work in foreign markets using payments in Croatian currency (Kuna) and Euro, and merchants receive Euro payments directly to their currency account in Croatia.

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